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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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down this familiar road. just know you're not alone. because i'm going to make this place
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>> thank you jaime and thank you mark. happy national recreation and parks. that concludes the general manager support. >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment on the general manager's report? is he coming forward? being none, public comment is closed.
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>> let me ask commissioner low had a question. >> a question to the general manager about -- there's been a lot of chatter about urban forming, can you bring us an update on what that's about. >> i forgot to include that as part of my budget highlights. it's another good new story is president chiu sponsored legislation which was embraced by the board of supervisors to create a mechanism to create the urban forming development in departments. that's going to be housed at the recreation and parks department. we're going to hire an agriculture coordinating who will coordinating with with different groups who are interested in different agriculture and the different departments that include pc, dpw and the department of environment. there's a variety of non profits who are in this pace and the idea is to have an
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appoint person to help the community understand the opportunities that are out there. we're blessed with 27 gardens and we're going to have the community park gate gardening and we're working on other projects as well. so this person will be supported by the department and will work with the community to continue to create urban agricultural opportunities for san francisco. >> thank you. commissioner bonim. >> phil, i wanted to -- and the public, i just wanted to express my great appreciation for the giants gift for the renovation of ralph park. many years ago it seems like the giants played at candle stick park and during that they hosted so many hundreds of
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baseball clinics that were all part and we got to see everybody, all the players there many times and it's just so fitting that now they're acknowledging that relationship and that they have a special relationship that they have with ralph park and that we'll finally get to see that park renovated for that. we're on item number 4 which is public comments. the public may address the commission to items on the public that's within the commissioner and do not appear on the agenda. with respect to items, your opportunities to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. i do not have any cards for general public comment. is there anyone who would like to make
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general public comment? being none, this item is closed. we are on item 5. the consent calendar. would anyone like to make comments on the consent calendar? being none. this item is closed. commissioner we need a motion. >> move. all in favor say i. >> we're moved >> we're on item 6 which is the san francisco zoo. >> good morning. tanya peterson, director of the san francisco zoo. unlike you july 1st started our fiscal year and
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we already have that exciting year ahead of us. let me summarize this fiscal year as it conclude. for the month of june, we had over 4,000 visitors and that's our forecasted budget of $84,000 for the month. we ended the fiscal year at 883,000 visitors and if i could turn to the power point, there we go. our power point. you'll see that our final numbers beat our budgets by quite a bit. compared to last year's total of 1,816,000, we had 67,000 more visitors than last. congratulations to staff and for everybody for your support. it was a great fiscal year. we're projected 845,000
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visitors, that's based on the averages of the last three years. also we know we had a great weather year. we may see spin off from that. i wanted to show you who was our lucky 800,000 visitor there. we gave him the royal treatment and he broke the record for the number of care sole rides. it's going to be hot, so part of our polar bear, we made adjustments to the exhibit. throughout the day this weekend and hopefully as the temperature heats up, the polar bears will be get misted through the day. it comes down as light snows and melts quickly but they get a chance to enjoy the snow, beat
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the heat. another event coming up for us, very popular with our members is the early morning march of the penguins on july 27th. they may not look like it, but those are pin begin chicks. they haven't lost their feathers. they go to fish school and they work with staff and volunteers and learn to be fed by hand and they make the march themselves from school to our pin begin exit. i want to update our baby giraffe. she was born like a superstar. she has -- there she is with her mom out -- i wish those were everybody's measurements. she's with her mother on the
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african. she's the third board this spring and our ad campaign has been the baby bunch. we're promoting the babies as part of our summer ad campaign. i think that thus earned us a spot on best of the best. of course there's a lot of best here at the recreation and parks, but there's the mother christian feeding with one of our visitors and another emphasis of the baby boone at the san francisco zoo. speaking of babies, yesterday afternoon we gave birth to a baby ga little la. she was a week early of nine months. she is a girl and she's five pounds
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one ounce. staff monitors through the night. it's a first time baby for the female. but the second for oscar who is the father of hasoni and he'll reach his birthday. they're not on exhibit right now. the baby is spending time with both mother and father and will slowly be introduced to the six member troop. with that, it should be an exciting summer here at the san francisco zoo. i finished my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item. being none. public comment is closed. >> congratulations. >> congratulations, tanya. >> we're now on item 7, the gist of performing arts bike
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share program. >> good morning commissioners. i'm presenting to you the discussion and action to approve a member ran dumb of understanding between the rec and park. and authorized staff issues a 24 month permit to bike share to install the bike station. a little bit of background. the mta has been working with the bay area quality management to launch a program in san francisco. the first phase will be 350 bicycles in the downtown area. it's anticipated that it will launch in august. the idea is
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that you can pick up a bike very quickly and ride your bike and put it on another station closer to where you work. so this kind of helps connect our transit more quickly and more easily. the pilot project is part of a broader partnership among local government agencies including the bay area air quality management district, trans, the county of samataya and the city of transportation. it's estimated to cost $7 million. it's coming from the local agency partners and mta has the metro of transportation commission has contributed 4.2 million. bike share is viewed as ideal for short distance providing you with the ability to peck up a bike at a self
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service and return it within the system area. mta has been the lead on this and working on this but they came to recreation and park and said we want to put a station close to city hall. it's close to bart and it's a key site for them to place one. we worked with them and identified eyesight at civic center plaza that seemed the best accessible site but not impacting the events we have there. if we can go to the over head. you can see on the overhead and i'm going to point with my finger where it's going to be. it's going to be in the area between these two stair wells up so it's tucked out of the way. so that kind of provides good access, but also doesn't impact the use of
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the park. the department has reviewed this and determined that the station would be ancillary and supportive of public recreation with charter 11.3 and it doesn't withdraw from substantiate public use of the park. we're entering into an mou with mta. mta request that we enter into a permit with bike who is the provider of the services and they're going to provide it through the city. mta ask that we enter into a permit with them, but since they're the lead we felt mou with mta was appropriate to make clear we're doing this at your request. and the mou which is attached to your materials clarifies that that they are the coordinators that they're responsible for any
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issues or complaints that come up with respect to this. it is not something that recreation and park are taking. if there's any funds required in connection with with this and mta will bare those cost and we will not have any liability for losses or anything associated with it. so we're asking you to approve that mou with the sfmta. the second peace of this is the department we'll be entering into a permit with alta and it's for two years and at the location i showed you. there is no fees because we're doing this as accommodation to mta and it's being funded through the department governmental agencies. there will be a million dollar liability insurance and they'll be no advertising allowed in connection with city law. we believe that this is a good use
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of a very small portion of the park and we want to work closely with our other city agencies to make this happen. to staff recommendation would be to adopt a resolution approving the mou, authorizing staff to issue a 24 month permit to alta bike share which is done with other city agencies and finding that the proposed bike share is in accordance with section 441.3. >> commissioners, we do have public comment. would you like to go. >> thank you. good morning. president brul, commissioners, my name is heth and i'm a planner with the agency and i'm the project lead in participation in this bicycle sharing project. i don't have anything to add to dana's comments. they were excellent.
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i've been working on it for three years and i'm excited. we're planning a launch around mid-august with this. and we will be joining the ranks like new york city and chicago and minneapolis and boston and north american cities would have successful up and running bike share systems. and that's all i really have, but i'm here if you have questions. thank you very much. >> thank you. do you have a comment? >> at the right time i wanted to note that in addition to those cities in the us that have this program, a number of international cities, paris, i've used bike share at a number of venues and it's an exciting program so we're fully support of and the partnership of the mta. >> maybe we'll continue with public comment and get the rest of the commission. >> is there any public comment
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on this item. being none. public comment is close. >> commissioner harrison. a couple of things, will the dimension with this area with the bike racks will that grow as the program grows. i noticed they're expecting quite a bit of growth. >> if you look in your materials you'll see the stations they're putting in. they have a lot located on the sidewalks as well. we really don't have to come back to us if they want to grow it any further than what we have here. >> and the insurance, will that cover us in the event of civil disobedience. >> you mean -- >> if they pick up the bike racks and throw them through a bus window or something? >> i don't think it would cover that because it wouldn't be caused by them. it would be a member of the public. we would
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have to get franchesa in here. it would cover if someone fell on the bikes and it would cover us. so disobedience is a little bit harder. >> also, as to the fees, it's a two year term in the contract, at some point are we going to discuss fees? >> i think we'll just wait and see. at this point it needs a sponsor to keep it going. it's not at a breaking point yet. >> these programs are not typically revenue producing. in fact they require get substidation but this is something to promote bike and promote health in our city. >> the pricing scheme is you pay either a month -- a semi
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annual, a monthly and the first hour is free after you've paid to become a member and it gets expensive to use it. so it's a short term commuter benefit so try and reduce vehicle traffic in the city. >> commissioner lo. >> just to followup on commissioner harrison's comments. i want to make sure this is expense neutral program that we're not -- the department is not responsible for any damage to the bikes. the insurance and permit which protects the department from the liability and we're not increasing our responsibility or liability for this permit. >> we're not. if there's cost an -- if there's a cost that's
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associated the mta is taking up the cost. >> if there's programs or events on the plaza and there's a conflict? >> the easiest thing is to remove the bikes and they're going to remove the bikes for any events we have. that's laid out in the lease. if the event requires the station to be moved, there's a cost associated with that. it's a $4,000 cost. we would ask the event producer to move that. if it was a city event that required it to move we've agreed that the mta will bear that cost or the city agency sponsoring it, that will be a discussion between them and the city agency but not between us and the city agency so we're not on the hook for that. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> no further public comment. >> no. >> installation a motion. >> second. >> move and seconded that all in favor -- >> i. >> so moved. >> we're on item 8. the alleo performing arts. >> hello again. i'm here to present an agenda item which is a discussion to approve -- let me get the right one -- the installation by ally sports on nbc sports of an event village at city plaza for the detour that's opened to the public from october. and ending october 17th. the detours in its nine th season and for the second year asking to what they have the city stop of the tour. they have one that's on the beach and one that's in the
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snow in san francisco. the installation on civic center plaza is city wide so i want to emphasize that the detour isn't here, but it's on the city streets surrounding the plaza. a brief portion is right in front of city hall. on saturday there's the installation that goes between the library and the asian art museum and there's an installation going to the south of market and that's been approved. so we're looking for purposes of here at the civic center installation. just to go over it a little bit. do i have an over head that has a little bit of a map of the installation. in the middle of the civic center plaza will go the street course which will look like last year. it will be used for skate boarding and bmx events and they will be
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bleachers to hold 900 people. it's free. there's a vip viewing structure and a control ^ to -- tower. they can ride over different ramps and there's a skate course where the public can do that and a mini quarter pipe ramp which participants can ride a skate board on the ramp. each person gets pads and helmets and provide what they need and it's a chance for people to try it out with people assisting them on how to do it. there's a variety of sponsor booths and giveaways, promotions and athlete's signing. there's concession stands which are food trucks and portable restrooms. we're excited about this event because it serves the mid 20 age although i know phil likes to do it and really is a great event for them. so
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we're excited about that. attendance is expected to be over the course of a day about 10,000 people. the issue with this event is the issue on the community because it does require the civic center to be closed for the installation. we've done a lot of work and improved this year the impact on the public. as if it was last year you'll see if you look at the over head the play grounds remain open and accessible the entire time. for this year we're keeping one of the grass areas open at all times for the public to use. so the detour worked with us to make that happen. there will be marked ada routes throughout the plaza and we'll fence in the installation for safety reasons but there's markings and monitoring to help people
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get through the plaza. it will be done on the weekend to help with congestion at times. the event organizationers met with the tenants in the area to discuss and hear their complaints. not complaints, but their concerns. then didn't have any complaints that have come forward so far. offsetting this community impact is a community benefit. it's open and free to the public. as we talked about, it serves that in between age group. they provide on sunday, i don't know if anyone went last year, a wonderful community day where people can ride on the real course and they have the pro athletes there to assist and encourage them and adults like phil can join them. that's on sunday and this year they're reaching out on kids from the tender lone work with our programs and the boys and girls club to get
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those kids here and get them a chance to do this. other benefits is -- have been the detour looks to benefit the community. last year mongoose donated bikes to the department which was a great resource to our programming. they're looking at a number of options this year. we haven't identified what they are yet. the other concern we had about this event was the installation of these large structures on civil center plaza. they're big and very -- they look heavy. we went through pages of drawings and calculations, so one of the things, just the background that they did they first took the calculations when the plaza had been first built and took it to another engineer to verify those weight calculations to be sure and they verified it and